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​Essential Business Products

What are the products/categories of products that every business uses?

  • Paper Products   (Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Shop Rags)
  • Floor Care   (Brooms, Mops, Buffers, Vacuums, Floor Finish, Stripper)
  • Hand Care   (Soap, Dispensers, Sanitizer, Lotion, Gloves)
  • General Purpose Cleaning   (Jolt, Glass Cleaners, Floor Cleaners/Disinfectant)
  • Bathroom Cleaners   (Pretty Potty, Sublime, Thick Pink, Shower Patrol)
  • Trash Receptacles   (Trash Cans, Liners)


Vacuum and Central Vac​

On top of helping you with cleaning supplies, we can outfit you with high-end vacuums for deep-cleaning, and every-day purposes. Our team is also trained in Vacuum Repair!!! What?! Seriously?! Yup. We'll fix your vacuum cleaners within  1-3 business days* from the time you drop them off. We even call you to tell you that it's finished!

*parts pending

We sell and install Central Vacuum systems into your homes as well. We have a special team of technicians for installation and repair; so you'll never need to  haul around that heavy and awkward metal contraption that plagues your closet floors!

Everyday Cleaning

We all appreciate a clean home. It's a simple fact of life. So come on in and find the right cleaning tools for your homes and apartments!

  • Useful Tools  (Brooms, Dust Mops, Dust Pans, Buckets, Brushes)
  • Trash Receptacles  (Trash Cans, Liners)
  • Vacuum  (Parts, Attachments, Repairs, Bags)
  • Cleaners  (Shower Patrol, Pretty Potty, Clear Mop, Window Cleaners, Etc.)

Front shop

Pool and Spa

These are just a few of the things we can help provide you with when you need a shiny, clean and fun place for  your kids to swim during the summer. And don't forget your apartment tenants. 

  • Water Chemicals   (Sanitizers, Balancers, Accessory Chemicals, Shock)
  • Maintenance Materials   (Testing Kits, Filters, Skimmers, Hoses, Pool Vac)
  • Useful Tools   (Brushes, Thermometers, Patch Kits)
  • CHLORINE!!!!